Frequently Asked Questions

No. The EZ Oil Drain Valve incorporates the “ball valve” design of valves used in pressurized gas applications and will not leak. Every single valve is constructed under precise specifications and pressure tested, ensuring a perfect seal upon factory approval. The EZ Oil Drain Valve is produced from a factory approved by industry standards.

No. When installed, the EZ Oil Drain Valve only extends about 1.5 inch from the oil pan more than a stock oil drain plug in its closed position. The valve's effective locking system requires a double-action mechanism to open it, preventing any accidental openings. Unlike spring-loaded gate valves, the heavy-duty ball valve construction will withstand any engine vibration.

Your EZ Oil Drain Valve is constructed out of corrosion-resistant forged brass, stainless steel, and nickel-plated for added protection from the elements. Brass is the ideal material as it can withstand temperature extremes as well as harsh environmental factors. (I.e. salt, water, oil, chemicals, etc.) Your EZ Oil Drain Valve will out last your engine.

The EZ Oil Drain Valve for passenger cars and light trucks is approximately 7/8" long. This means that the valve only extends out 1/2" more than the standard plug head outside from the oil pan. The extension on the H-Type Valve extends from the valve for another 5/8". It is not recommended using the H-Type Valve for vehicles with low clearance, as the valve may protrude out too close to the ground.

Installation is easy. Simply follow the instructions below.

Remove drain plug and drain oil.

Hand install the valve until tight, and fully tighten with a small crescent wrench. Never over-tighten.

Close the lever and refill with engine oil.

When it’s time for an oil change, using your EZ Oil Drain Valve is simple.

Lift up the lever and turn counter-clockwise.

Turn back the lever to close.

Make sure the lever is secured in the locked position.

Please visit our website and look up the sizes and applications chart to find the right valve application. The EZ Oil Drain Valve fits all engines, and you will be able to find a valve that fits. You may also email us

Yes. Engines with a recessed oil pan may require an adapter (A-106, A-107, etc.) to prevent the valve from hitting against the oil pan wall during installation. Although our application chart indicates engines requiring an adapter, it is always recommended to determine the shape of the drain port. (In some cases longer adapters are necessary, i.e. part number AL-106). See for application details.

The initial turn may be a little stiff, so just take a pair of pliers or wear some gloves to force it open. After this the lever will be easier and smoother to maneuver in successive turns. Additionally, the ball-valve design will allow the valve to self-lubricate from draining oil, making it a lot easier on your finger when opening/closing. Make sure that when you close the lever; push it all the way back into its locked position.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

EZ Oil Drain Valve offers a LIMITED LIFE TIME WARRANTY on its products, against defects or faulty workmanship only to the original purchaser (with proof of purchase). For any defective product, EZ Oil Drain will replace the product at no charge. EZ Oil Drain will also indemnify any consequential damages to the engine/vehicles which are directly caused by the defective product. However, this warranty does not cover any damages incurred from any misuse, abuse, negligence or accidents. This warranty is valid in Canada and the United States.


We are aware of NON-AUTHORIZED parties selling COUNTERFEIT EZ Oil Drain® Valve on Amazon®. Regarding this issue, we are alerting our valued customers, retailers, and distributors that EZ Oil Drain® Valve is actively working to resolve it.

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