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SelectCascade - JavaScript Dependent Cascaded Dropdown Listbox Controller

Select Cascade

Javascript Dynamic Dependent Dropdown Listboxes for All Applications
The simplest solution to all cascaded select list requirements

  • Multiple Independent Hierarchical Dropdown Groups of Unlimited Size.
  • Un-selected listboxes can be auto-hidden or left visible.
  • Works with or without a database and server-side code.
  • Option to run any external callback function whenever a submenu is populated or cleared, allowing easy control of simultaneous information displays.
  • Data for options can be retrieved from:
    • XML stored in an <xml> element within the document.
    • XML stored in a separate file.
    • Dynamic database querying without reload.
    • Any combination of the above
  • The simple XML format, means data can be maintained safely by non-programmers.
  • All necessary code is generated for you by the on-line WYSIWYG Code Generator, making this the easiest script of its type to implement, no matter how complex the menu system. Just type-in the option values and see them working in an instant simulation. With all data entered, click one button to get all the corresponding code needed to configure the script, including HTML markup and JavaScript statements. Sound too good to be true? - Try the code generator now - you'll be up and running in minutes.
- DEMO -
This 3-menu group is retrieving data from an in-document <XML> block


- DEMO -
This 3-menu group retrieves data from an XML file on the server for the first sub-menu, and via a server query for the second sub-menu. Expect short response delays.

The changing guidance text shown below, is under the control of an external function that the script calls:



If you don't think this script is the solution to your cascaded dropdown requirements, please tell us why.